10 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.156”

  1. Wow, another case of insane continuity porn. The Sayaka/Nakamura belligerent flirting was first introduced in CHAPTER 41. Tanigawa never forgets.

  2. Thanks, you guys are always the best.

    Wow, surprising amounts of plot and character advancement for a vignette chapter! Asuka CAN be flustered! (and there was a conspicuous lack of “no” in your response, miss Katou). Ucchi is
    getting dangerously close to the Gassai Threshold. The love triangles just got even more complicated with the addition of imaginary non-Euclidean polygons. Fang’s inexorable fall into loner status advances steadily.

    And our girl is in for it! Will Watamom and Watadad finally be making an appearance?

  3. Holy shit FANTASTIC chapter! So many great lines, I’m dying! “I meant the hair on your head” LOL! Apparently talking about lewd things involving Yoshida is completely different than talking lewd about Asuka! GASP! Suspended!

  4. Oof thanks for the great chapter guys! Does Tomoko gonna get a new harem(s) again?! And Katou-san reaction are top-notch! I shipped Tomoko with her! xD

  5. Thanks for the translation as always, guys! Clearly, Haramaku does not screen its students for mental health, because dayum that place is knee-deep in crazy.


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