17 thoughts on “[Anon] WataMote Ch.157”

  1. Kuroki Tomoko must return as a new delinquent girl no Japanese school has ever seen. Pictures of dicks are in the past, it’s real dick harem time!

  2. I kinda really hate chapters and manga like this one chapter.
    Its so unrealistic. people do not give you that much importance. People arent that nice either.

    Also while I like the positive side of this manga, feel it has gone into too much of a feel-good side for a while. Needs a little bit of suffering to balance it out. Just bring out the cousin again.

    Either way, thanks for your continuous work World Three, always very appreciated.

  3. So, if you get suspended in Japan, it doesn’t mean that you will have to stay at home, but it means that you will have to study in the counseling room instead of the classroom for a certain period of time? Or, why were they at the counseling room?

  4. Well shit! This really shows how much Tomoko has touched other people in her life! Always fun to see some Yuri / Nemo action! Poor Sasaki keeps getting treated rough just repeating bits of Kuro’s crudeness lol!
    Thanks for the chapter, no matter how it got here!

  5. Regarding translations, I’m reading them for free and consider them to be gifts. World Three has always been the sole means by which I could read the manga. I’m not putting down a penny and they are putting in a lot of their own time. Respect to them and others.

  6. GoggledAnon is a quick, rough, but fairly accurate TL for most chapters; also makes mistakes, but W3 doesn’t have a spotless track record. I think ideally less speedy, more sure accuracy is the best idea. WataMote isn’t the most intense series to translate, but it has a lot of weird tiny details in its dialogue and such.

  7. Hum – honestly I’m not too queen of the idea.

    I mean, I do not have anything against GoggledAnon, but it kinda bothers me to have their translation under World Three, since you guys have a different points of view in translations and, yeah, it’s kinda confusing.

    It’s only an idea, but didn’t you have a secondary translation name back then by the name of Gospel ?

  8. Their schools are way too rough!
    – suspend just cuz you ride a bike, wtf
    – classmates are not allowed to talk to them, wtf again, why should anyone even care about that(still they do)
    – this “suspend” looks more like house arrest! because they can’t meet after after school(I assume)


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