15 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.158”

  1. slow and steady and as bad as always wins the race…

    Man, turns out that the sincerest, most unproblematic friendship Tomoko has developed is with Yoshida. Both are so casually insensitive they get along like bread and jam. Awesome stuff.

  2. As an honest to goodness corporate wage cuck, I totally sympathize with my delinquent bitches! Really cool seeing both perspectives of this suspension.
    Thanks for the slower and not better work!!!

  3. Thanks for the chapter guys~
    I wonder why Tanaka the crazy lesbo didnt send a line to Kuroki but instead send one to Yoshida-san..

  4. Tomoko’s mother is total bastard. Her attitude towards Tomoko is horrible. Does she even say a kind word to Tomoko? All she do is abusing poor child and lecturing at her… It is like Tomoko is not her child, but someone forced a kid into that family.
    Also, I am so happy I studied in normal school where no one care about whether you ride scooter or not. Or what tie you wear(or do not wear one).


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