[Anon] WataMote Ch.160

Watamote 160: MEGAReader

I’ll reiterate that this and c157 are not World Three releases, but ones I slapped together by myself. They are glorified anonymous releases; only posted here so it is easy to find. I don’t know whether or not “real” World Three version will be done. Credit goes to GoggledAnon.

These are becoming frequent because time availability between myself and Ningen is becoming sparse. Going slower and taking *more* time to do a chapter isn’t viable for either of us. This is a stopgap solution while we attempt to figure out a solution–if a solution can even be found.

9 thoughts on “[Anon] WataMote Ch.160”

  1. Alright, thanks GoogledAnon, but Im still gonna thank WT for all the other work they’ve done up to here as well.
    With that said, still waiting for the final chapter where she wakes up out of the coma.

  2. Adulthood sucks in every imaginable way, doesn’t it? Oh, whither the free time of yesteryear!

    As long as it is clearly labelled as such, I don’t see any problem with that solution, I doubt Anon is gonna object. Keeping your archive continuous is pretty important for most of us, so there is significant added value in publishing here, no matter who does the main translation.

    Let me use the chance to say THANK YOU so much to both of you for doing this work for so many years. Seriously guys, muchly appreciated.

  3. Thank you for this chapter.
    But I think dog´s head is accidentally erased in scene that Emoji take the first view in the dog.

  4. Seriously sweet ending! Suspension is pretty hardcore in Japan.
    Eh? Hair? Fuka is way too adorable LOL!
    Thanks for the quick work!

  5. There’s abit of typo here & there, but overall its all good. Always thank you for your hard work guys~
    Btw why did i get the feeling that the crazy lesbo a.k.a. Mako-san getting kinda distant with Tomoko lately? She even mentioned her name after Yoshida-san now, hmm..


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