12 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.162”

  1. Minami seems to start paying for her attitude, its strange, how she seems to actually believe she has a few good friends an she’s elated when one of them comes to visit her (when she’s the one that usually goes to them), at least till now, to the ones who she considers friends, she has never appeared to badmouth or speak behind her backs, probably meaning that once she considers you her friend, she has you in her thoughts and appreciates you, the kind of face she makes when she realizes a friend came over , I think it’s the author trying to show a normal young girl who simply hasn’t made the best decisions and/or has listened to the wrong persons about human relationships, we’ll see

    • Tomoko is saying that were she to have a dick, she’d totally do Shizuku (who has a boyfriend), hence NTR. BTW, netorare is when you get cucked. Netoru when you cuckhold someone else. Both can be marked NTR.

      In short, Shizuku is hot as hell, she’s all sorts of shoujo cute & vulnerable, and she triggers every imaginable predatorial instinct in Kuroki. Who is probably starting to wonder if mayhaps she has a teeny-tiny itty-bitty little tendency towards Dah Gay.

  2. Lovely!
    I feel like Kuro really learned something special this time. LOL at Yuri-chan the billboard! Nemo wound up being the star tho!

    • The “I’ll be fine” part is an addition by WT for effect. The original simply says
      “However, don’t people who say that lack the ability to tell the difference between virgins and non-virgins?” The focus is more on mocking that peculiar otaku obsession than teasing us with hints of Hina’s sexual past.

      Not that Hina is either confirming or denying, of course…


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