14 thoughts on “[Anon] WataMote Ch.164”

  1. The day Kuroki wakes up to find herself chained to the wall of Asuka’s sex dungeon is getting closer and closer.

    Thanks, guys, I know you’re not too keen on the emergency GoogledAnon solution, but we greatly, greatly appreciate your efforts. It makes a big difference to be able to rely on this site having our fortnightly fix all regular like.

  2. Thank you for the chapter guys~ and thanks to GoogledAnon too of course.
    We’ve had tons of scary-eyes Asuka on this chapter~! Yeahh! I can’t help to imagine a certain slow BGM in the parts where Tomoko frantically explain her feeling to her.

  3. Hell yeah! Grossness first thing in the morning!
    Penis Yuu-chan hehe!
    I’m so happy Fuuka is going. Need more Fuuka!
    Looks like Asuka finally figured Tomoko out. But how does she feel about Kuro now?


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