WataMote Ch.167 — A Crossroad

Watamote 167: MEGAReader

tl;dr – We’re old and slow, and there is young and fast people now. What do?

Do we keep pace with the app (bi-weekly & 1 chapter ahead), or keep pace with the website (bi-weekly & 1 chapter behind)? Maybe even a different option entirely?

Because of the nature of app releases, there has been a spring up of “fast” scanlations now. We feel that these serve the same purpose as our own releases, and have contemplated ceasing operation due to lack of our personal time availability. There is also the alternatives of either having these people release under World Three proper, or post anonymously to the website as Anon.

If you or someone you know has an opinion regarding this or something, please leave a comment below. This is a very genuine time of concern.

42 thoughts on “WataMote Ch.167 — A Crossroad”

  1. Watamote that’s not translated by World Three is just not Watamote to me, honestly. I’m way too used to the standards you’ve put on it, the delicate typesetting, the phrases, and the way you’ve characterised the comic now seems irreplacable and just as an imprint on the comic as Tanigawa’s characters. I’ve been a faithful reader since like chapter 10, and I would be sad to see you stop. Watamote has a marvelous record for consistency.

  2. If you folks can’t release a given chapter because of work or whatever other reason, then letting Goggled or others post in your stead seems like a very sensible idea.

  3. I don’t know how but comments were disabled for the last two releases.
    This chapter was something!
    Please don’t give up. Watamote has never been a matter of time; we just want to read and have fun with you. This isn’t a work, this has to be enjoyable!

  4. I prefer your high quality releases and I’ve grown attached to this site. This manga is important to me because it runs parallel to my past life and it’s actually making me kind of nervous how the character development of kuroki is catching up to me at a fast pace.

    You do the best translations of this manga, so your work by proxy is important and memorable. I’ve been reading it since like chapter 37 (I think?) release on Batoto. Even if I have to wait, I’ve never even thought of checking other groups or sites. I wait for World Three.

    In any case, I wish you the strength and will to continue!

    a fan.

    P:S: Yes, it can be helped!

  5. I mean, of course I’d love to continue reading your releases but if you don’t feel like you have the means (time/people) of continuing I ain’t gonna throw a fit like a little kid, I understand. In my opinion, you could release chapters whenever you want/have time to do so, Watamote is probably the only piece of media I reread countless times and never get bored with it. So I’d say it’s fine being a chapter behind, wouldn’t that work for you as well?


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