It’s not my fault that I’m not popular! Ch.24

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And now the chapter you’ve all been waiting for. Many thanks to our newest cleaner, dusthillguy, and letterer K, for working on this. Hopefully this is the only time we take this long on a Watamote chapter but you never know. Meiru is still doing something more important, and college is starting up for me soon once again.

17 thoughts on “It’s not my fault that I’m not popular! Ch.24”

  1. I love this manga! Poor Mokocchi though I really wish a guy finds her soon, she isn’t actually ugly to me she’s a really pretty character. What’s wrong with the people in this manga?!

  2. You’re the best and this manga is my new favourite. Thanks for scanlating and translating it, I wish I could find more like this one.

  3. Hey guys, I’ve recently ploughed through what’s available of Mahou Tenshi Cosmos, and came here looking for the scanlation status, which seems to be on ice according to that post from February.

    Is there any way to help out to get it out faster? I’m craving for more.

    Sadly though, I have no experience in anything regarding scanlation, and don’t know remotely enough moonspeak to read the raws. So tl;dr I’m useless.

    Either way, thanks for your efforts so far. If there’s anything I can do feel free to contact me.


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