Muromi-san c03

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And here’s chapter three of Muromi-san. Yes I am aware the reader ordering is all messed up because the shorts are counted as actual chapters. I’ll get around to fixing it eventually when I’m not feeling lazy. However, seeing as the reader’s existence itself is currently in flux, I’m not really inclined to bother until we know for sure we’re keeping it at least. Houkago Play R will be out as soon as QC finishes or something. Thank god midterms are almost over now.

Houkago Play R Chapter 4

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And so we release yet another chapter of Houkago Play R. This was actually done quite a while ago, but I was too lazy to upload it. I take full responsibility. Hopefully the next release won’t be so slow, but this thing is hell to translate and typeset, so it might be a while yet. No release post image again because I can’t think of anything good to put. Hopefully someone else gets tired of seeing blank releases and substitutes them in later.

It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch. 47

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And it’s finally here. 13 pages, which is longer than most Watamote chapters. The main reason for the delay however, is that without Meiru, we no longer have a dedicated typesetter for Watamote, and therefore need a replacement sometime, preferably soon. I have been assured by the crowd source QC that there aren’t any errors, but if there still are, blame Meowmix.

Muromi-san c01 & 02

that's usMuromi-san 1 — DDL: [ Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]
Muromi-san 2 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

And here are the first actual chapters of Muromi-san. Not that the previous ones weren’t, but they were labeled as shorts in the volume, and this is considered the actual first chapter. The reader has them labelled chapters 6 and 7 respectively, but I’m too lazy to properly order everything, so it’ll most likely stay that way. Now then, it seems rumors of our demise have been floating around. Rest assured we are not dead, however the situation is kind of in flux right now, not in the least because college is starting up for many of us again. For the most part, we need a new letterer to work on Houkago Play R, Watamote, and Memoria. If we can’t find one, we might find ourselves dropping a project or two.