It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.26

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Delayed because my computer was broken. Got it fixed at the cost of roughly $475 USD. At least it works now, I guess. Something slightly related may arise eventually, not too sure yet.

Chapter itself is extremely short. So short in fact that the entire thing was done (sans lettering) within about two hours of release. The next chapter should be the round off for Volume 3. I personally feel like the authors are slowly trying to finish it off already though. They did kinda want to do that with Volume 2…!

Oh, I fixed a bunch of website stuff no one really cares about, and Memoria should be next Sunday.

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    • New chapter comes out next Thursday 20/09 (Wednesday GMT-7). Depending on how long it is and how much text is there, it usually would be scanlated by Friday. We’ve just had a whirlwind of problems with every chapter for the past few weeks.

  1. Page 2, panel 3:

    “Huh? Where’s am I…?”

    Might want to fix that. Unless Tomoko is the truck driver from Futurama now?


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