It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.17

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We have a long chapter once again after a while without, and this time Tomoko goes on a adventure to visit a professional voice actor, but of course things are never going to go as planned. She even does some really, really obscene things!

I feel like I should put something meaningful here, like I always do, but にんげん is long asleep, and I’m up here at 3:524:17 AM PST with no one else to blame but myself. 仕方がない。

[23:17] Ghost`Yomi: Fuck me.
[23:18] Ningendomo: ?
[23:21] Ghost`Yomi: I literally just fucking closed it without saving.
[23:21] Ningendomo: Dang
[23:21] Ningendomo: That sucks
[23:24] Ghost`Yomi: I need to go walk around outside…
[23:24] Ghost`Yomi: God damn it.

And thus is the story. The thing I closed happened to be the redraw for this page. Which I had to do. All of it. Twice. I was so close to finishing the first time… Oh well. At least it’s all done now, with some help from a Anon right before my demise. (You really did help me out, you know!) Redrawing is a tough job.

There obviously may be errors considering the circumstances, plus I kind of feel I might v2 if I end up coming back to it. Some words/lines were changed, and some cleans rather rushed. I hope to avoid this kind of situation in the future, seriously. Sure, I could hold off and just release it when it’s ready, but then what’s the point of speed scanlating?

If you can, please support Tanigawa-sensei by buying/pre-ordering the 2nd volume. It’s a worthy cause!

13 thoughts on “It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Ch.17”

  1. Best chapter in a while, I could feel her shame and her mother’s disappointment so well it gives me the shivers.

    And that is why I recommend using a keyboard with a sound mute/unmute button! (or some other alternative for quick switching in hands reach)

    Thanks for the releases!

  2. Late commenting, I’ve read it right when it came out. Awesome job as always guys. It make my day everytime I see it in my RSS Feed Reader!

  3. “Come and take a trip with me
    To a land where love is free
    Follow me into the light
    Everything’s gonna be alright
    Just let go and take my hand
    I will show you promised land
    ‘Scape with me in paradise
    So our future can be nice”

    And so, Mokochi went flying to the other world…

  4. my old group used to take a lot of shit for doing redraws. people hardly appreciate the effort it takes and never realized all we were trying to do is make the release a better read. some (select outspoken) people think it’s a waste of time, probably because they were already able to read the raw effects. can’t expect everyone to learn japanese and a dictionary of lewd sound effect meanings just to enjoy their mangos.

    you guys put in a lot of effort and that should be recognized.


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