[NSFW] Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Ch.02

I must preface by saying no this is not our release. It is simply something I, メイル, endorse.
If you are going to update it on Mangaupdates use the name “Anonymous“, not us! Understand?

[Get it Here]

Apparently this came out in the past 72 hours. Except I was still playing PSO2 (I’m suffering from withdrawals), and K is out playing TERA, so neither of us had a hand in helping do this. But hey, it’s not supposed to be organized, and thus is still a collaborated group effort by /a/ once again. (+Daiz)

Picture above’s not exactly evident of the clean quality, just something I fixed up for this post in a few clicks. Anyway, once again, we do not work on this. No one officially ‘blogs’ about it, so I’ll continue doing so because I don’t care. Or until Daiz (or whoever) yells at me to stop it.

Tag added for the people that follow the RSS. You should know what to do.

Watamote tomorrow. I need to go to bed now.

Edit: Apparently, someone else writes about this somewhere. Except it’s rather unscrupulous. Oh well.

9 thoughts on “[NSFW] Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Ch.02”

  1. I don’t care NOBODY releases this… isn’t there ana nonymous scanation tag in mangaupdates just to warn me about the new release?

    • There used to be, from my understanding. But MU doesn’t accept scanlation entries by “Anonymous” anymore, due to many reason probably. That’s partially why I post about it here.

  2. >Edit: Apparently, someone else writes about this somewhere. Except it’s rather unscrupulous. Oh well.

    …So who is writing about it and where? You can’t just leave us hanging with a description like that!

    • Just search the romanized name to find said blog. It’s unscrupulous in the sense that–based on the first chapter–they really just do it to drive traffic by means of repackaging stuff with their name attached. I personally find that stuff rather lame. Can’t be helped though.

      • Oh, I thought someone was doing scathing commentary on the perverseness of monster girls or something. Well, the place I think you’re talking about is still crediting people appropriately, so I don’t really care myself. Besides that, the search results consist mostly of metric assload of online reading sites…

        • Yeah that tends to happen with popular things. Ah well, as long as people can read/know about it, that’s all that really matters to me.

  3. I for one welcome WWW’s efforts of keeping us up to date on this.

    furthermore I wish to fall asleep wrapped up in a lamia’s tail ;_;


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