Sorairo Square Ch.04

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So I decided somewhere down the line that I should act more like a co-founder and actually do something other than translate. Though I’m not sure what part of being a co-founder making the release post is, I felt like doing it this time. Chances are I’ll be making a few these regularly from now on.

Not too much goes on in this chapter, but expect some interesting developments from next chapter onwards.

This was sitting done for quite a while, and for various reasons, it didn’t end up getting released until today. Also, expect the final chapters of Houkago Play, including the bonus chapter, sometime soon. Along with Akatsuki no Memoria, assuming メイル gets over post-PSO2 withdrawal symptoms and gives me something to work with. <- Shhh…

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    • From what I’ve been told, it’s at 4 volumes, completed. We have those volumes already debound, so it’s just a matter of getting them to our scanner. Which is why it kind of stopped having release, for now.


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