Shinda Watashi no Monogatari / “Grave Tale” Ch.01

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This year, like last, we planned to do porn for New Years. ‘Course because nothing really goes as planned none of said porn has come out yet, until now. It’s another Fuuga thing. Hooray!

I was going to do this originally, but then Scorpian said he liked Fuuga so he started doing it, only to realize his grave mistake in having to deal with these balloons and how every instance of the brother being mentioned as “Onii-chan”. Fast-foward weeks of just hating life and battling this ‘Onii-chan’, it was eventually completed. And then another month later for me to get around to uploading to sad panda. Aha…

Please fix the tags because I’m autistic. Thank you.
Will we do the other five chapters? Maybe. If no one else bothers to do them in like three months.

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  1. Oh god please translate the rest of this. I’ve been looking absolutely all over the net looking for more of this in English and I can’t find anything but chapter one. There are Korean and Chinese versions but no English. I won’t know what to do with my life until I read the rest of this in English. PLEASE!


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