12 thoughts on “Watamote Volume 4 Omake”

  1. Hilarious omake, thank you so much! :3
    Izumi Kitta was really the best choice, she became my first most loved female voice actress.

    • It’s uncertain, but it seems that they don’t have anyone who would agree to letter it. Unless they can get someone to letter it, they probably won’t do it.

  2. Much appreciated. Becoming a fan of their work, word of the authors are very interesting to hear.

    2 questions, though.

    Chapter 8 of Tomomote wasn’t released on Japan yet? Or are you having alot of trouble? Meaning, the troubles that you mention in your posts are much more er… troubling than I imagined?

    This is one directed at anyone who can read it. I am interested in Number Girl. Anyone else?

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