Houkago Play R Chapter 4

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And so we release yet another chapter of Houkago Play R. This was actually done quite a while ago, but I was too lazy to upload it. I take full responsibility. Hopefully the next release won’t be so slow, but this thing is hell to translate and typeset, so it might be a while yet. No release post image again because I can’t think of anything good to put. Hopefully someone else gets tired of seeing blank releases and substitutes them in later.

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  1. Guys, i have only one request – please fix numbering on Manga-Updates (you started counting R from chapter 1, and the last chapter of volume 3 was numbered 45th)! We are not notified of new releases and admins refuse to change it! A surprise i’ve noticed this release only two days late…

    • There are around ten chapters of it. Don’t expect the remaining six to come out soon, these things have enough dialogue in them to be novels. Needless to say, Ningen might go off the wall and receive dementia by the time this series is completely translated.

      • I’m ok with this. I waited very long for a translation for the volumes 1 and 2, so the pace with which they are translating is good enough.

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