PSA: WWW might be moving(!?)

Hi, I’m not dead, but nor am I a scanlator anymore. Anyway World Three’s website may be moving in the near future! With that though may come a price. The price of losing the reader we have now. Alternatives include coding our own, not using a reader forever, or directly using Batoto. Any thoughts or comments on if you use the reader/how much you use it/don’t use it would be helpful to determine course of action.

41 thoughts on “PSA: WWW might be moving(!?)”

  1. Only plebs use Batoto or similar sites. If you want to appeal to the same people who enjoyed Shingeki no Kyojin and SAO, then by all means. I’d prefer to download.

  2. I use the reader because it’s just slightly more convenient than downloading it first. If it had to go, I could easily just download releases instead like I do for most manga. I certainly wouldn’t use Batoto over just downloading them, anyway. Do whatever’s better for you guys.

  3. Hm, Batoto sounds cool but to tell the truth, I like to read on my laptop (so MF downloads are preferred). I don’t really get the “moving” part though of the post xD.

  4. I download it and throw it up on my media server so that my roommates and I can all read it whenever we want on whatever we want.

  5. Hey, how are you guys ?
    Thank for the previous release, I didn’t have such time those days for congrat you earlier.
    Well, if you remove the reader… it sure will be sad but I only really often used the reader.
    I read the release at Mangawindow most of the time.

  6. I use the reader on my mobile when I wanna read previous chapters on the go. I ddl everything tho.

    Thanks for your hard work

    • How the HELL is downloading an archive, extracting the files, intensive for ANY computer which isn’t already a bogged down, possibly virus infested, piece of shit?

      Get off your damn high horse and just accept the fact readers are convenient for those who don’t give a fuck with the “slight effort” involved with downloading.

      Jeez dude, seriously.

      Oh and I stream my anime too.


  7. The reader is so convenient, that I wish more groups would use it. But if you feel it’s necessary, well, at least is not mangafox.

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