(Some of the) Watamote Anthology


Here’s (some) of the Watamote Anthology, a collection of short stories about the misadventures of Tomoko Kuroki (aren’t all of her stories short?) Yes, we’re working on pt. 4 and the rest of it, come back soontm

Watamote Anthology (pt. 1) [ DDL | Reader ]
Watamote Anthology (pt. 2) [ DDL | Reader ]
Watamote Anthology (pt. 3) [ DDL | Reader ]
Watamote Anthology (pt. 5) [ DDL | Reader ]
Watamote Anthology (pt. 6) (fixed) [ DDL | Reader ]

Whoops, seems I merged two parts. Good news for you!

Watamote Anthology (pt. 7) [ DDL | Reader ]

18 thoughts on “(Some of the) Watamote Anthology”

  1. Is it me, or did that one chapter reference that one doujinshi where Tomoko watches people have sex on the roof?

  2. OMG finally !!!
    Argh, it’ll be such a pain to read it, because I failed to redraw it.
    Well, anyway, I’m not good enough as a redrawer. :/

    Anyway, thanks a lot guys !!! :D

    • Uwaaaaa I really want to go into the Mangas’ World and hug this girl so much for making her feel better.
      Hey, I know I’m not the only one here that want it.
      Let’s build an engine for going there together !!!

        • How much free time do you have in a day? Even if it’s only 2 hours or so, that’s enough to do some redrawing. You don’t need much experience to redraw, it’s easy enough when you know how.

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