15 thoughts on “Shishunki Bitter Change – 06”

  1. this is a great manga i thank you for scanalating this whithout you i would never have read something like this
    really almost every month i will check if a new chapter is released
    ps sorry for bad english

  2. thank you for all your hard work, i love this series so much, im’ so happy to read every page of its :D
    and don’t work too hard, keep yourself healthy, ok ? :)
    best wishes.
    oh, and also sorry for my bad english XD

  3. Thanks for the new chapter and all the hard work you put on it.
    I sincerely admire you scanlaters people so much.

  4. oh and i forgot to tell you really appreciate you for all effort to bring this for all of us, and sorry for the bad english xD the best luck and wishes.

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