Muromi-san v01 c08

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I changed the font that I usually use from SF Toontime to Komika Title. It’s way thicker and feels more like western comics, but I believe it fits with the comedy nature of this series. If there’s anything you’d like to see different or think that something should be changed with our releases, we do read the comments here and on Batoto, so please let us know.

Also, does anybody want to teach me how to play Hearthstone? I’m god awful at it and I keep losing even thought I have been believing in the heart of the cards since ’98.

8 thoughts on “Muromi-san v01 c08”

  1. Thanks for the new chapter. But, about the new font, it got me the impression that the characters were always shouting… It would be best saved for those moments

  2. Thanks again guys, is there any reason Muromi releases have been so sparse? Lack of staff perhaps?

    • We have a normal amount of staff it’s just that we all have IRL or video games things to do. I’d say World-Three releases about 2 things per week which is about average compared to other groups.

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