Kyousougiga c6


Actually, we don’t have Kyousougiga c6 available right now. That’s because we don’t have a dedicated translator for this series. If you want to see this or the second wave of the Watamote Anthology scanlated, please head over to our recruitment page. We are looking for 2-3 Translators and a couple of redrawers. It’s okay if you’re new or bad, we’ll teach you what we know.

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  1. u need redrawas boy?

    I’m experienced in Photoshop, but I can’t say I understand the scope of the job needed for redrawing. To me it always seemed like a fundamentally easy job that can be done quickly, but I wouldn’t know it since I never tried it before.

  2. I know you guys have been working hard translating all this stuff, and that you’re lacking in translators. But Houkago Play when?

    BTW, thank you for all your releases~<3

  3. A part of me wants to apply for a translation but the other 95% of me knows I’m not at that level yet.

    I will have a look on my watamote anthology when I get home and see if I understand enough of it to help with that, at least.

    • World-Three isn’t a high quality scan group, you can work on anything, and if you apply we’ll probably ask you to work on something of your level. Also if you apply and pass the TL test, we can teach you parts you don’t know.

      • Read a bit of the anthology and compared with your translations. It’s not as impossibly hard as I guessed, mostly the sexual stuff and slang that can be a pain. I just sent an application message via the contact form, let’s see how this goes.

      • “World-Three isn’t a high quality scan group”
        Are you kidding me ?
        I follow this group since now + 1,5 year and theire’s no way their quality is questionable.

  4. Well, You know what I have done last year (absolutely nothing because I didn’t manage to do anything.)
    This year was probably the second worst year of my whole passed life (the worst number one was 2012-2013) , so I didn’t improve from a single digit in redrawing.
    So don’t waste your time with me this time.

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