10 thoughts on “Imperial Guards c005-009”

  1. @Bagamman, this is a imperial guards post. Shouldn’t you comment about the new Watamote chapter in the Watamote ch 65 post?

  2. I hate these zerio-brained lawlers who think they can stop the spread of content over the internet.
    Stupid copyrighted-mylittlemoney-lobbyshipismagic-based laws only lead to anoyance.

  3. Thank you for the last Chapter of Watamote. :)

    But about that, what the fuck is wrong with DMCA ?
    Watamote became popular thanks to scanlation, right ?

  4. I just Have to say, Thank you for the Translation!

    Found this a few months ago and was hooked immediately.
    I find it hard finding Mangas as unique and peculiar as this.

    So Thank you again!!!

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