8 thoughts on “Tatsuta and Puchimasu”

  1. Yay, Puchimasu~! Part B was glorious. Unfortunately, Hibiki & Ms. Investor have a point about the quality in part A….

    A few possible issues in Puchimasu: Hibiki’s comment on page two has overlapping English & Japanese. The same issue occurs on page six. You know better than I, but still, page three’s ‘Nevermind, Piyoko,….’ & ‘Come on, Afuu,….’ feel funky with the first commas. Hmm, Hibiki’s echo of Ritsuko on page six seems off using ‘kind of!?’

    Mmhmmmm, Tatsuta~

    Agreed, more KanColle stuff should be released~

    Thanks for the releases!

    • Thanks for catching that, We are actually looking for eagle-eyed people to join our team as QC (quality checkers), why not apply? (see the recruitment button on the top).

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