Bitter Change Ch.34-35 + Renai Kyoutei (Oneshot)

Bitter Change 34: MEGA ★ Reader
Bitter Change 35: MEGA ★ Reader
Renai Kyoutei: MEGA ★ Reader

The scanlation for Renai Kyoutei/Love Pact is more rough and ready compared to how we try to do things nowadays. It’s an interesting read to say the least. Thanks for it, Masayoshi. With Bitter Change, there is actually only one chapter left. Volume 5 is two chapters shy of the previous volumes so it feels very short, but the chapters there are that much longer too.

15 thoughts on “Bitter Change Ch.34-35 + Renai Kyoutei (Oneshot)”

  1. so, is this the end ? or are there more chapters in other volumes? + can I join the scanlation for bitter change? :3 I like this series very very much >w< and I'd like to help in anyways possible :3 thank you

  2. Thanks muchly for doing Shishunki Bitter Change, it means I don’t have to do it all myself.

    I’ve not got a copy of the fifth volume yet, does it have that interstitial short chapter with Yui meeting her mom in the street? I think it comes after chapter 36 on the Polaris website.


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