WWW Books: Mushoku Tensei Vol.10 — Novel Illustrations

I had this marked on my calendar but still managed to forget about it. Sorry the image fidelity may not be as good as before, something weird happened to the images this time around. As for the (lack of) LN7 translation, I commented on that somewhat here. — Nanahoshi is cute! CUTE!


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  1. What the shit Nanahoshi is too cute T^T the illustrations are great, but SERIOUSLY NANAHOSHI LOOKS TOO CUTE and she doesn’t age, she’s the perfect waifu.

    Now I sincerely hope they make this into an anime and give it around 50 episodes, kinda like Death Note and Soul Eater but infinitely better.

  2. Wow, this is the power of illustrations. Is that the first image of Cliff? Because I always imagined him to be short and blonde. And that Luke, from the way he always talks I thought he was much younger and more of the bishonen type.
    And lastly…is it me of did Sylphy got much much cuter?

    • It’s been mentioned in the web novel that he’s the ‘tough’ looking type, and that Rudeus isn’t popular in this world because they prefer rugged men over bishounen (like himself).

      • Not true. It’s been mentioned that women like his type. In fact, there had been multiple cases of women describing how good looking he is. Even if you eliminate the (possibly?) biased opinion of the women who already liked him. Examples here are Roxy, Angelique, the women on dorms, etc. The reason why he’s not that popular is because of the way he dresses before marrying Sylphy. Remember that his clothes have been described as tattered multiple times?

  3. Looks like the story don’t change in this volume too.
    Just take your time Meiru-sama. RL goes fiksi.
    Innertought: But we always wanted more chapter ehehehehe, and thanks god this Android of mine don’t have any F5 button, or it must be broke soon
    What? I said it loudly? Must be your imagination.

  4. Ah, I knew that Nanahoshi was cuter than what I thought of when I read her Redundancy chapters; so let’s just put this honestly : As expected of the girl that causes shurabas whenever she goes, heh.

  5. Last page, a woman with long hair, tits, and wielding a sword dueling it out with Auber…..

    Eris is looking quite healthy isn’t she?

    • wait, that was eris?? i was wondering who, coz i don’t know what the picture is about. after you mentioned, i just realized the sword that was sheath


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