WataMote Ch.138

Watamote 138: MEGA ★ Reader

Personal gripe, but American English colloquially treats college and university as the same thing. While I and people not in America may treat them like they are truly separate, for the sake of simplicity, this chapter, and probably subsequent chapters, will interchange the words as is in American(ized) English.

WataMote Ch.130 (Part 2)

Watamote 130 (Part 2): MEGA ★ Reader

Similar to Ch.115 we have another two-part chapter. Also similar to Ch.115, this will probably get merged together in the volume release. Also sorry again for not streaming. My internet can barely sustain an upload of 10% what I pay for. Thank you American ISPs. At least crunch time is over.

The chapters related to Vol.12 have been updated as such so some links will be broken. Use the DL folder or the Reader to view them easily. DL folder is broken, use the reader for reading and downloading.

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