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Puchi told me to make the post and since I don’t know too much about [email protected], here are M3OWMlX’s top 5 WORST/OVERRATED albums of 2013:

  • 5. My Bloody Valentine – m b v: I’m a fan of both shoegaze and downtempo, but this album sounds like it only has ‘intro’ tracks that lead to absolutely nowhere
  • 4. John Hopkins – Immunity: The production value of this are actually pretty good, but the fact that the songs (see: Collider) are so repetitive to the point that they become annoying.
  • 3. Pet Shop Boys – Electric: I am a huge synth pop fan, but if your album relies solely on now nostalgic it sounds, then it just isn’t creative. (Bolshy sucks)
  • 2. The Field – Cupid’s Head: Again, another minimal and repetitive album. I wouldn’t say that minimal is a bad genre, but if it’s minimal, it also needs to bring something new.
  • 1. Death Grips – Government Plates: The songs usually have 2-3 lyrics that are just repeated over and over. What happened to rapping about the struggle of Sacramento?

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Happy Birthday/Holidays

Happy weregoingtofight Day
Today is the 24th, that means Puchimasu and I get to fight each other. Oh and here’s some manga.
I am a cleaner at heart, and Black Bullet is the best way to practice cleaning. I dream screentones. Also some [email protected] because Kaede a cute. Happy Holidays and Happy Birthday to our beloveds.

Watamote Ch.52.5 (Xmas Special) — DDL: [MEGA] | Online: [Reader]
Ouchi ni Kaerou ([email protected] CG Kaede Dj) — DDL: [MEGA] | Online: [Reader]
Black Bullet Ch.14 (get asdf to hurry up) — DDL: [MEGA] | Online: [>implying]

2/25 is Chihaya’s Birthday

So here are some releases.


DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

A short pixiv bit by コミズミコ. This was actually done quite some time ago, but I wanted to post it today because I’m a huge nerd.


DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

A pretty old doujin by Konton Lady Studio which had an omnibus release recently. I really like the way DIT writes stories, it’s pretty cool.

There’s actually a Yayoi and Ritsuko chapter in it. No idea when they’ll get done, ideally by their respective birthdays but since Yayoi’s is coming up pretty soon I don’t think I can make it. Not to mention it’s the heftiest chapter among the three.

Happy birthday, Chihaya!

Meiru Edit: Oops, something managed to slip past QC three times. I guess we’re all a little bit tired.

[email protected] Doujin – Adventures of a bewildered Yukiho – Idol and self-kara

DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

Between times playing the most time consuming game of dressing up something cute, this has been completed! Shuffle isn’t done yet because PuchimasuTL was gone for the past few days, but he did leave me with this. Look forward to Shuffle though shortly, shouldn’t be too long.

[email protected] CG Shuffle Ch.01.5 & [email protected] CG Doujin Cheers

CG Shuffle!! CH.01.5 — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]
CG Doujin Cheers — DDL: [Mediafire] | Online: [Reader]

So while some things Meiru is working on can potentially be impacted by computer issues, that’s not going to stop us. Also because we love puns so much, we’re putting out both of these at the same time.

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