It’s Not My Fault That My Friend’s Unpopular! Ch.06

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[24/7/2013 16:18:45] Meiru: delaying tomomote because I’m lazy and I want to sleep

Fun fact: 48% of the book is redraws (79/163). That’s a lot of pages and a lot of work. Here is a sampler of the first 10 pages that are redraws. These are not the hardest redraws by far, but still a good average of what is present. If you see yourself as someone who could handle this fine, then feel free to write in or leave a comment if the form is broken again. Don’t bother actually trying to redraw based on those pages though. They’re super low quality jpgs exported purely for translating.

I know a lot of people want this to go faster. Faster by disregarding quality and taking shortcuts. But if you want to basically see 50% of the book look like this, then I don’t know what tell you. しょうがないわね。

Also thanks to all those that already emailed about helping. I hope I managed to email back to all of you.
I really wish I had a secretary that could organize all this stuff for me. I’m sorry my emails are terrible.

It’s Not My Fault That My Friend’s Unpopular! Ch.02

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I woke up on Friday and was greeted with raws of the second chapter. Less than 24 hours of the magazine even coming out! Not only that, it was already translated!! So all I had to do was break out the broom and pretend I was in the Dustforce. Three hours later, I was still dusting. Oh man, the dust.

Anyway, that’s enough of Watatomo for at least a month. Watamote this week. I think.

It’s Not My Fault That My Friend’s Unpopular! Ch.01

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Hey, I said no Watamote this week… So we’ll release Watatomo instead. The real title of this is “Watashi no Tomodachi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaete mo Omaera ga Warui!”, or how ANN translates it to “No Matter How You Think About It It’s Your Fault My Friend’s Not Popular!”. I decided to give it the name we used here since it’s similar to the translated title of Watamote we kept, and the one most people know it as. May as well keep it around even if it’s slightly inaccurate, but also because it’s way shorter to type.

Things of note: 1) This magazine is released on the 22nd of every month. We got it late this time, oops.
2) I got really lazy and only redid one of the two color pages. Here’s the raw for the one I did do so you can [compare] and complain about TL quality. 3) If you’re an artist, you should draw art of Yuu so I can use them for credits pages. 3) This is the song of the week.

P.S. This was teased on our Twitter. Whenever I remember it exists I’ll probably tease something there, or whatever.
Can also @reply questions/hate or something. I have no idea how Twitter works honestly.

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