Houkago Play Ch.26 & 27

It’s release jumble week once again. But wait, why is Houkago Play on Cosmos day.

Chapter 26
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Chapter 27
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I became terribly ill, and にんげん had become wrapped up in the great Finals race, so we’ve been taking it slow. Cosmos isn’t dropped, we’re waiting for something to occur, that involves a plane, before we start releasing more. Plus certain cool things should start to happen, so I’m personally excited for the future.

Loser Girl tomorrow. Prepare yourselves.

Cyber Monday: Houkago Play Edition

Okay. I skimped on releasing something last Monday. But you’re in luck dear reader.
Today is a Buy 1 get 2 Free sale on Houkago Play. That’s right THREE CHAPTERS.

Chapter 23
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Chapter 24
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Chapter 25
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To be honest, it’s more like 2.5 chapters, but you get the idea. It means more HK for you.
Seeing a bit of love tension between the two kinda makes you want to go “Awwww”.

Also, we’re in the middle of some ‘restructuring’ so we now introduce a cooler credits page.
We’re recruiting for a new cleaner, so if you want to help, please contact us.
Feel free to also bring any projects you want to try starting, that’s a plus, really.

Houkago Play Ch.22

Whoops, we totally didn’t release anything for a week. But it’s the off-week
so you know everything else we do is being released this week as well, fun fun.

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Since we’re only three, it really can’t be helped.

Cosmos and Loser Girl on Wed/Thurs.
ツインテール is still away so no idea how that’ll go.
Probably the same as last time. Oh boy. (* ̄▽ ̄*)

Houkago Play Ch.21

At least the references didn’t kill me this time. If only all the chapters could be like this.

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This chapter was more entertaining than the last, probably because I could actually make sense of what was going on this time. Since our distinguished leader メイル is busy at the moment, I’m handling the release this time (I know she’s going to yell at me later because I messed something up, oh well).

We seem to have slowed down a bit again, but I expect our release pace will pick up once more as soon as each of us finish dealing with our respective issues. Regardless, expect a new series soon, and faster releases for other stuff, if we can manage it.

Houkago Play Ch.20

I’m not even entirely sure what’s going on, but we’re picking this up now or something.

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If you somehow don’t know already, Houkago Play is a series of volumes‒3 thus far‒that centers around a different couple with each volume. Volume 1 was translated already, and Volume 2 was started but stopped due to a myriad of problems, apparently.
So yeah, here we are.

Lots of references our dear にんげん couldn’t entirely grasp. (Neither could I, really)
Joys of not having a dedicated TLC, but that’s okay, I’m sure the points get across.