Houkago Play Volume 3 End + Volume 2 “Extra”

Chapter 43
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Chapter 44
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Chapter 45
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Volume 2: Chapter 00
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And with this, we end the long road that is Houkago Play. It really has been a long road since we picked it up after kyonkundenwa last October. (Last October…?!) In that time the chapter’s passed from purely my hands, to K and Sector89. Was pretty cool to directly see how it was approached by another perspective. The ending itself is more or less a mystery, but maybe it was a good end? The world may never know.

The “Chapter 00” is the chapter at the very front of volume 2, that shows all the main characters from the volumes. Apparently it was never translated, so a fan requested us to do it, and so we did. What does this mean for Houkago Play now? I don’t know really. The story is technically not over, since I own a copy of Houkago Play R. Maybe we’ll do it, maybe not. We’ve got a lot on our plate still, behind the scenes.

Either way, it’s been fun. I hope you all enjoyed reading along, as much as we did working on it.
Batches will probably come tomorrow/very soon, for those waiting. Watch the DDL.

Houkago Play Ch.37 – 39

Chapter 37
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Chapter 38
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Chapter 39
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Almost a month has gone by since we put out another batch of these, because I’m terrible with time management. Not to speak for K, but he is so damn fast at typesetting. It continues to blow my mind.

This is technically the real beginning to the volume, but with that we’ve managed to hit past the halfway mark, and within two more of these batches it’ll be over. Who knows what’s in store for the future.

On a completely unrelated note, I paid attention to the Sakura-con threads just enough to watch these videos of the Animeweedlord420, AKA the Hero of Anime, AKA Yukko from Nichijou, AKA Mami & Ami from iDOLM@STER.


After over a month of sitting on an order, it finally got shipped and arrived today!

Even though we scanlate this manga, and managed to do something no scanlator has done before, we have to buy our own copies too you know. Though it was my own fault for short-cutting and getting it from YesAsia, not expecting it to be delayed this long. (Don’t order there.)

Anyways, there’s more needed to be said after the break if you are interested, which I hope you are…!

tl;dr – Houkago Play is ending, we need a new manga, there’s a list you can choose from, or recommend your own in the comments, tell your “friends”, also leave any scanlation-related questions if you have some.

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Houkago Play Ch.34 – 36

Chapter 34
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Chapter 35
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Chapter 36
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This took over a month to come out and it was absolutely my fault. Finally got well enough to work on things again. I’m trying to make sure that will never happen again, but knowing me I will somehow manage to find a way to mess it up.

I realized the first few chapters were more of a prologue for the volume than anything. Which lead me to wish that I didn’t keep the continuing chapter number scheme that was laid out before, but it can’t be helped I suppose. Thus, chapter 36 is the real “start” to the volume.

Also, our head TL, にんげん, has been coming under some fire over the quality of some of his translations, to which I’ve promptly talked to him about. Japanese is obviously not his first language, so if you see any such errors or have problems remember to contact us about it and stuff so I can discuss it with him. He’s been trying to get better at it lately.

Houkago Play Vol. 03: Enter the NTRtist

Well, well, well. What do we have here? Oh, by the looks of it, Houkago Play Volume 3. Whoa.

Chapter 31
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Chapter 32
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Chapter 33
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Did you miss the couple from the first volume? Well, they’re back! Momentarily. Do you somehow have a fetish for brushing teeth? Well, you might just get one involving ear cleaning, you creep.

This volume is about Volume 1’s Buchou, or as I know her by, the NTRtist. Wait, wha..? She’s a very… particular woman, I would say. (With huge boobs.) One that would whisk you away from your love, provided she had the chance. I’m sure you’ve seen the doujins, right. Yes… I’m sure of it.

We’ll probably be releasing these in chunks of three from now on, because it’ll match up well.
Loser Girl tomorrow. One can only hope /a/ does not hate us, like the hipsters they tend to be.

Houkago Play Vol. 02 End

And so we say goodbye to our good friend, Houkago Play Volume 2. It’s been fun, man.

Chapter 28
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Chapter 29
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Chapter 30 + Extra (End)
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You know, I don’t even remember the events leading up to picking this up. But somehow we did, and somehow we finished what we sought out to do. Also I did promise an anon that I would release them this week. Would link it but the archive is down right now.

So where do we go from here? Probably Volume 3. At least, that’s the only logical explanation.

Hope you enjoyed reading Houkago Play Volume 2!

Cosmos 8. Soon.