It’s Not My Fault That I’m Not Popular! Q&A

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So Gangan Online had a “Special” Sommelier Q&A with Nico-sensei, author of this manga, for the release of the second volume. Wherein they ask 7 questions ranging from “What was your favorite part” to the ‘incident’ on Twitter. Initially we were just going to do a text based translation, but come on, that’s boring! So I went ahead and rippedtook all the relevant information from the original page, and re-edited the entire thing into English. Well mostly. Was it necessary? No, not at all, but it’s pretty fun to do cool things like this.

Sorry if it breaks on your browser, I didn’t really test it outside of Firefox/Chrome.

Oh, and after the ‘break’ there’s two videos by akatuki1130 where she voices chapters from the manga.

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[NSFW] Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Ch.03

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The latest chapter has finally been released! With that though, this will be the last time I write about it here. Primarily because it has it’s own website now, but it’s also mixed in with personal reasons and whatever. It’s good to have a manga picked up officially by a group, but it’s not that stellar when said “group” does a rather… mediocre job, as well as gets a kickback of sorts from it. But that’s just me though. うふふ。

If you like it, please do go over there and show your support and all that. Any blog-related stuff here will probably stay. I might keep keep on hosting it on our own reader, but if they decide to do host it locally there too I’ll remove it then. Got uploaded to Fakku, just read it there.

Also It’s Not My Fault I’m Not Popular is out in stores! If you have funds, do consider buying a copy.

[NSFW] Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Ch.02

I must preface by saying no this is not our release. It is simply something I, メイル, endorse.
If you are going to update it on Mangaupdates use the name “Anonymous“, not us! Understand?

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Apparently this came out in the past 72 hours. Except I was still playing PSO2 (I’m suffering from withdrawals), and K is out playing TERA, so neither of us had a hand in helping do this. But hey, it’s not supposed to be organized, and thus is still a collaborated group effort by /a/ once again. (+Daiz)

Picture above’s not exactly evident of the clean quality, just something I fixed up for this post in a few clicks. Anyway, once again, we do not work on this. No one officially ‘blogs’ about it, so I’ll continue doing so because I don’t care. Or until Daiz (or whoever) yells at me to stop it.

Tag added for the people that follow the RSS. You should know what to do.

Watamote tomorrow. I need to go to bed now.

Edit: Apparently, someone else writes about this somewhere. Except it’s rather unscrupulous. Oh well.

Block Party Fourty-Four

So uh, I’m busy not typesetting Don’t Cry Girl, not cleaning Akatsuki no Memoria, and not designing for Love Despite. Instead I’m busy playing the CBT for PSO2, because I have lost control of my life.

Worry not. I think K has a few things finished so there will at least be some sort of release in the next week while I continue to do nothing but play this silly beta. I don’t know why I’m bothering though, we can’t keep our characters after CBT, and I’m already level 20. Boohoo. Oh well,at least we have FUN all the time.

/a/nother Triumph for Manga: Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

I must preface by saying no this is not our release. It is simply something I, メイル, endorse.
If you are going to update it on Mangaupdates use the name “Anonymous“, not us! Understand?

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Anyway, here is another one of this triumphs for manga, and scanlation in as a whole. A random chapter picked up by various Anonymous, for Anonymous, and the world at large, to enjoy. Little did OP know that his simple thread would spiral into such a wonderful thing. Hell, I didn’t know I would help end up causing something similar six months ago.

So why am I excited for this? Because Monster Girls are a integral part of /a/ culture. (I seriously hope you’ve gotten your healthy dose of HORA recently.) Also because while totally not doing what I’m supposed to be doing–that is typesetting Don’t Cry Girl/Houkago Play–I made shoddy levels for them to clean/typeset on.

If you have no idea what this is, it’s essentially a manga based on the same exact concept from comics, sharing the same name, from a few years ago. They’re NSFW, obviously, but they’re moe, and I heard moe things are kind of a big deal.

Either way the ‘moral’ of the story is that /a/ is the best scanlator in the whole damn world.
Again, this is not released by us! But support it anyway!

Thank you Based Anonymous; see you all next month.
is published in the Monthly Comic Ryu.

Poor Little Japanese Girl

So our website was hacked by some mysterious organization named Nebula. What the fuck.
What kind of stupid name is “Nebula” anyways. And Doctor Wily? Who the heck is Doctor Wily?!

A-anyway, little Tomoko is getting a Hollywood movie! Though, for some reason, it’s eerily reminiscent of a certain homosexual pornography series. And is…is that a Gaijin 4-koma!?

(New chapter this week)


After over a month of sitting on an order, it finally got shipped and arrived today!

Even though we scanlate this manga, and managed to do something no scanlator has done before, we have to buy our own copies too you know. Though it was my own fault for short-cutting and getting it from YesAsia, not expecting it to be delayed this long. (Don’t order there.)

Anyways, there’s more needed to be said after the break if you are interested, which I hope you are…!

tl;dr – Houkago Play is ending, we need a new manga, there’s a list you can choose from, or recommend your own in the comments, tell your “friends”, also leave any scanlation-related questions if you have some.

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